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Brief Introduction about the SME Sustainability Program

Sharakah is delighted to collaborate with HSBC Oman in implementing the SME Sustainability Program.

The program consists of assessing the sustainability of 10 local SMEs, identifying areas for improvement and providing them with a detailed report of how they can upgrade their operations and make their business more sustainable while following the best practices. The unique program deployed using industry certified tools will run for 6 comprehensive months.

The nominees will receive the following benefits and value:

a) Will be enrolled on the list of Sharakah Supported Projects
b) Become Prudent in financial management
c) Educate and help the SME to prepare an annual budget
d) Maintain a systematic cashflow statement
e) Develop a marketing plan
f) 360 degrees evaluation and assessment of the current performance of the business
g) Recommendation for areas of improvement
h) A detailed report on the holistic integrated approach to applying business best practices.

Minimum Criteria

In order to qualify for the SME Sustainability program, applicants must meet the following criteria.
a) Participants must be Omani Citizens and atleast 18 years old
b) An existing business for not less than one year
c) All license for operation must be valid that includes but not limited to (CR, OCCI, etc)
d) The SME has some system of booking or track of financial performance
e) Preferably but not limited to a Riyada Card holder

Personal Information